The Pros and Cons of Living on The Ground Floor

When it comes to choosing a home, there are many things we need to consider. One of these is the position that the home occupies within the building. Is it better to live on the ground-floor or on the intermediate floors or on the top floor? There is no objectively better choice than the other. What matters is to evaluate the pros and cons of each alternative and measure the choice based on your habits and needs.

Living on The Ground Floor Ebbets Field Apartments

According to a survey conducted by Ebbets Field Apartments, following the pandemic, Americans have changed their home buying trends. The study showed that today people are looking more for the presence of private outdoor spaces. In fact, in the first place in the list of desires in a house, we find the private garden. 60% expressed the need to have a green space available. Precisely for this reason, the houses on the ground floor are arousing increasing interest.

Here, experts from Ebbets Field Apartments will examine in detail the pros and cons of each housing solution.


Private garden

Ebbets Field Apartments housing experts point out that a ground-floor apartment usually allows you to enjoy your own private garden or courtyard. This outdoor area is not accessible to other residents of the building and can be adapted according to your desire. For example, for lovers of plants, the outdoor space can be used to create a small private garden. A courtyard, on the other hand, can be furnished to become an extension of the living area. Finally, having a garden is great for those who have pets.

Better accessibility

Ebbets Field Apartments housing experts share the fact that a house on the ground floor is more comfortable and easier to access. Moreover, the ground floor apartments often have a private entrance from the courtyard that the other apartments obviously cannot have.

Greater freedom

A ground-floor apartment benefits from the fact that there are no other apartments below, but only above. Therefore, there is no need to pay too much attention to the noises made on the floor, like moving chairs or other things.

Cooler in summer

According to Ebbets Field Apartments housing experts, the ground floor is usually the housing solution that allows a cooler climate during the summer.


Less security

An element that is one of the disadvantages of a ground-floor apartment is certainly the safety aspect. In this case, a good anti-theft system solves the problem.

Less privacy

Ground floors have the disadvantage of being more exposed to the sight of passers-by or onlookers. The solution could be to adopt curtains.

Now that you know the pros and cons of living on the ground-floor, you can make your decision, whether or not this type of apartment is good for you. You can visit Ebbets Field Apartments complex and see their options.

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