Advantages of Buying a Presale Apartment

In general, all new properties for sale in the real estate market have two very different phases: presale and sale. The first phase is when the project is in the construction stage and delivered yet. Real estate agencies usually offer lower prices or additional promotions in this phase.

On the other hand, in the sale phase, the apartment is completed before being purchased. The future owner can buy it immediately, but the prices are a little higher.

Buying a Presale Apartment

Although they are not usually the first choice of many people, there are many benefits of purchasing presale apartments. Below we are sharing the views of housing experts from Fieldbridge Associates LLC. It is a housing company based in Brooklyn New York. The article reviews some of the main benefits of buying a presale apartment:

Lowest prices

One of the benefits of buying a presale apartment is that it is cheaper than ready-to-deliver properties. In order to determine the affordability of the property, you should visit the website or sales center for the project of your interest.
Usually, the real estate company’s website, such as the website of Fieldbridge Associates LLC, includes some reference prices. Also, the sales center staff is ready to help you and introduce you to the options that fit your budget.
Make sure you know your financial statistics. This includes your monthly income, your monthly debt payments, and the amount you have available for a down payment. This is important in order to get an accurate idea of ​​the amount you can pay for the new apartment.

More options to choose from

Housing experts from the Brooklyn-based housing company, Fieldbridge Associates LLC indicate that, at the presale phase, buyers can choose the apartment that they really like and not just the properties that remain. When the project starts, practically all of the options are available. Thus, you can select the apartment floor, location (right, left, north, or south), model, etc.

Good investment opportunities

The decision to buy or not an apartment in presale depends on the intention with which the property is acquired. For someone who is looking for a home and wants to move in quickly, Fieldbridge Associates LLC housing experts advise that it may be better to opt for an immediate delivery option.
However, the situation is different for an investor. Thus, another advantage of buying an apartment on presale is that it helps to take better advantage of the lower price and ensure a higher profit.

Be the first owner

Fieldbridge Associates LLC housing experts point out on the company’s Facebook page, by buying an apartment in presale, you have the guarantee that you will be the first to use the property.

The head officer of Fieldbridge Associates LLC indicates that the buyers will enjoy completely new facilities, in addition to the fact that, by living in a new property, they will enjoy guarantees for possible defects or failures in the infrastructure, at least during the first year.

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